Configuring AR Camera Background with a Scriptable Render Pipeline


AR Foundation supports the Universal Render Pipeline (URP) versions 7.0.0 or later.

Note: Projects made using URP are not compatible with the High Definition Render Pipeline or the built-in Unity rendering pipeline. Before you start development, you must decide which render pipeline to use in your Project.

See the URP Install and Configure documentation for more details on switching to URP.

Basic Configuration for SRP with AR Foundation

  1. In the project’s Assets folder, create a new folder named “Rendering”.
  2. In the Assets > Rendering folder, create a Pipeline Asset (Forward Renderer) for your SRP.
  3. In the Inspector with the ForwardRenderer selected, add an ARBackgroundRendererFeature to the list of Renderer Features.
  4. In Project Settings > Graphics, select the UniversalRenderPipelineAsset for the Scriptable Render Pipeline Settings field.